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Make your home clean and hygienic for the health of your family

In Gurgaon, we face many issues that undermine a clean and hygienic environment: air pollution, construction, weather cycles, the sheer amount of dust in the air, and viruses.
How can we safely live in such an environment?
This is an important issue for everyone living in India. Why not apply the most effective cleaning strategies from Japan?

Japan is one of the most hygienic countries in the world.

How is a hygienic environment maintained in Japan?
The key is regularity of cleaning and maintaining cleanliness.
We have this mechanism of Japanese Deep Cleaning.
Two strategies for maintaining cleanliness.

A hygienic home with a stain-resistant mechanism

SAKURA Home Service is Not just Deep Cleaning.
3 steps to create a stain-resistant mechanism
We will make your home a hygienic environment

Nothing can prevent dust and dirt.
However, If there is a mechanism that prevents dirt from accumulating, your stress is overwhelmingly reduced.

Why not keep a hygienic space with this Japanese Deep Cleaning method born in Japan?

You can trust Professionals

All staff received the same training as the staff of Japan’s largest cleaning company.
Our customers have been very satisfied with the polite and sincere attitude of our staff and their cleaning abilities.
Please feel free to leave the cleaning to us.


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Launched June, 2019
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