Our Customer Voice

  • Mr. Kotaro Fukuoka (Gurgaon)

    Overall, I'm very happy with it, and if I ever live in Gurgaon, I'd like to ask them again!I used SAKURA Home Service when I got home after a long time because I had to leave the house for a long time. It was so chaotic that I couldn't live at home, so I had to stay at the hotel. I was impressed that I slept comfortably in the house after a long absence from the day I entered the house cleaning.I had to go out on the day of...

    Ms. Uzma Khan (Salon, Nirvana courtyard)

    I got my salon deep cleaning. Very good service!

  • Saki (Golf course road, Gurgaon))

    Sneezing did not stop when they started cleaning! I was afraid I was sleeping every day in a place like this! They carefully cleaned my mattress using a special machine and I am now sleeping very comfortably! I was surprised at the shiny room after cleaning! I am also amazed at the thorough service.

    Mr. S.S (DLF Cyber City)

    Thank you for your detailed and Japanese quality service. I am grateful for the psychological support of the staff who are nervous about the corona. We are grateful for the service provided by professionals. Thank you.

  • Aminul(Gurgaon)

    Our customer told us ” Your restaurant is always clean and hygiene.


    They clean up till all corners and feels comfortable.

  • Kenichi(Gurgaon)

    We asked office sanitizing service, all staff feel hygiene.


    My home is always shiny because I get regular cleaning done every month.

  • Takenari(Gurgaon)

    Now all my sofas look brand-new after removing stains.


    I called them for mattress cleaning because I had a problem with dust-mites. But now I can sleep well.