Dry Cleaning

Clean mattress make your sleep more comfortable

We use a UV vacuum and steamer to ensure hygienic and healthy sitting and sleeping environments

Cleaning areas


Cleaning Process

Ask for your detailed requirements

Remove all dust and dirt with a vacuum cleaner

Remove stains

Vacuum up dust-mites and small dust with a UV-light vacuum cleaner.

Make it clean.



1 | Remove
Stains and dirt are removed with professional materials.

Approach stubborn stains with professional chemicals and machines.

2 | Sanitize
Remove all small dust particles

A UV-light vacuum cleaner is used to remove dust-mites and other small particles.

3 | Make it last
Shining spray makes it a long-lasting clean

Shining chemicals are applied to ensure and maintain cleanliness.*Coming soon

Customer Voice


I called them for mattress cleaning because I had a problem with dust-mites. But now I can sleep well.


Now all my sofas look brand-new after removing stains.


Sofa Dry Cleaning

₹200 per seat (10min)

Carpet Dry Cleaning

₹20 per sqft (30min)

1 Single Mattress

₹699 (25min)

1 Double  Mattress

₹899 (30min)

Curtain Steam Cleaning

₹199 per pair (15min)

Dry Cleaning Service

Sofa Dry Cleaning Service

We use professional equipment such as vacuum cleaner, sofa shampoo chemical, and scrubbing machines.

1seat ₹170~

Mattress Dry Cleaning

₹699 per single mattress (25min)

Carpet Dry Cleaning

₹20 per sqft (5min)

Curtain Steam Cleaning

₹199 per set (15min)