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A Hygienic and comfortable space makes your family smile

We focus on some of the hardest places to clean and the places you touch every day so your house can be safe for your family.

Cleaning areas

Top to bottom 360° cleaning
Not included:
inside of almirah, closet, inside of Electrical appliances for furnished home

Tile wall, slabs, sink, gas stove, floor, fan, chimney

All items dusted, dry vacuuming of all fabrics including sofas, curtains, and mattresses, fans cleaned, and floor scrubbed

All items dusted, dry vacuuming of all fabrics including sofas, curtains, and fans cleaned, and floor scrubbed

Dusting of balcony and floor scrubbed

Toilet, taps, tiles, floor, fan, glass

Window frames, glass

Japanese Quality of Service

Top to bottom 360° hygiene cleaning

Professional scrubbing solutions

Industry grade chemicals


1 | Remove
Remove dust and dirt on all surfaces

All areas cleaned, including those that are difficult to see, such as the top of shelves.

2 | Sanitize
Remove 99.9% bacteria by steam cleaning

Sanitize areas with stubborn oil grease such as stoves, kitchen slabs, and tiles with the steam cleaner.

3 | Make it last
Apply a coating to prevent water stain and to make it a long-lasting clean

Water stain coating is applied mainly to the sink to maintain hygiene. ※Optional service*Coming soon

Customer Voice

Mr. D D Rustagi (Vatika City)

The team is very good and they did an excellent job.Keep it up. I will strongly recommend to avail their services.

Nobuko (Gurgaon)

It really helped me because they clean every corner from top to floor in details, and make my home so clean. I’m impressed by their professional work like they work silently and do dedicated work, also using professional equipment. It’s essential for hygiene and clean life in India!


*Sorry! Full home deep cleaning is not available currently.

Optional Service

Sanitizing Service

We use hospital grade chemicals.Fully equipped and wearing PPE. more >

1BHK ₹999〜

Water Stain Coating

₹500~ /20min

Curtain Steaming

₹199 per set of 2 /10min

Carpet Dry Cleaning

₹20 per sqft

Sofa dry cleaning

₹170 per seat /10min

Mattress dry cleaning

₹499 per single mattress /25min

Inside of shelves, almirah, closet

₹899 per room /45min

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