A clean kitchen makes your cooking safer and more pleasurable

We thoroughly remove all built up oil grease, water stains, and stubborn dirt from every area in the kitchen.

Cleaning areas

Top to bottom thorough kitchen
Not included:
inside of cupboards, washing utensils



1 | Remove
All dirt and grime from surfaces is removed dirt on surfaces

Clean all areas, including those that are difficult to see, such as the top cabinets and shelves.

2 | Sanitize
Remove 99.9% bacteria by steam cleaning

Areas with stubborn oil and grease such as stoves, kitchen slabs, and tiles will be sanitized using a steam cleaner.

3 | Make it last
Apply coating to prevent water stains and to makes it a long-lasting clean

Water stain coating is applied mainly to the sink to maintain hygiene. ※Optional service*Coming soon

Customer Voice

Mrs. Huma (Central Park2)

I’m very impressed by the dedication and detailed work! I’ll be regular customer!

Neha (Gurgaon)

The kitchen was very greasy and I wasn’t able to enjoy cooking in my dirty kitchen. But after getting my kitchen cleaned, cooking became fun.


Kitchen Deep Cleaning with chimney by Steam Cleaner


(2 staff / Approx 2.5hr)

Optional Service

Sanitizing Service

We use hospital grade chemicals.Fully equipped and wearing PPE. more >

1BHK 999INR〜

Water Stain Coating

₹90 /20min

Utensil Wasihng(up to 40 utensils)

₹250 /30min

Inside of shelves, cabinets

₹899 /120min~

Inside of Refrigerator (Normal Size)

₹499 /60min

Inside of Microwave by steam cleaner

₹199 /20min