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Thanks for using our services (“Services”). The Services are offered by BLJ International
Services Private Limited (SAKURA Home Service) and by using our Services, Customers are agreeing to these terms. These terms and condition forms entire understanding between the “Customer” and the “Company”

1. We can’t guarantee 100% stain removal. We don’t guarantee complete removal of old or hard stains in the process of cleaning. We will try to the best of our ability without damaging the surface. Please note that powder of dust come again after some time of work.

2. We clean closet and almirah from outside only but if you’d like to clean inside also, customer is requested to remove and restock small items. They are cleaned from inside only if its empty prior to service starts. Otherwise we’ll clean outside only.

3. Heavy fixtures and furniture would not be moved by our team.We slightly move side when we clean corner of bed, sofa etc. But we will not move furniture to another room. We do not move or clean heavy objects, electronics goods cabinets or similar item. if it need be, Customer need to arrange at their own cost.

4. The scope of works limited to all interior areas accessible with standard cleaning aids. The Company Representative will not clean inaccessible and unsafe places. (Roof, Entire Ceiling, near generator etc. is not including.)

5. All valuables including cash, jewellery, items of sentimental value, art, antiques must be kept safe and secured before Company Representative reaches. We shall not be held responsible if any valuables are lost.

6. Customer is not entitled for any amount changes or refund in part or full once the service is delivered.

7. Any unsatisfactory services need to be reported before staff leaving your home. The company will not be held responsible for any complain after the service delivery. Pre and Post cleaning inspection need to be carried out by the customers in the presence of our staff and if any corrections are needed, should be made on the same day.

8. We’ll replace or pay to fix what we broke—within reason. We’ll buy you a new one or pay to fix it. But we do have to be reasonable. If you have an irreplaceable item, or an antique that’s past fixing, please alert us and clearly mark it off. That way we can leave it alone. Please inform us before staff leaving your home only.

9. Customer agree to make payment within the day of service day only.